Ingrid Alice

Creative Director * Photographer

Creative High-End Fashion, Portrait & Commercial Photographer

Whimsical flower Child with a Rock & Roll Soul.

LOVES horses, vintage cameras, travel and tea

Ingrid Alice is a creative high end fashion, advertising & portrait photographer who has her feet firmly on the ground and her aesthetic in Wonderland. A true-to-life marketing leader, her approach to brand development and image creation has been shaped by eighteen years in the international creative and design industries. Her practice is grounded in engaging concept generation, story driven design and bold advertising strategies.

As we express our gratitude, we must never forget that the highest appreciation is not to utter words, but to live by them.
John F. Kennedy
#LifeStory #DoingThingsDifferently

At 24 Ingrid was promoted to the role of Creative Director for Learnthings South Africa. A new media company owned by the UK-based Guardian, where her unique style ensured that the stable of designers and developers under her care went on to win a number of international awards.

The leap of faith taken by Ingrid in 2006, saw the start of her own Design and Publishing agency and popular online design magazine BigCityLife. As the business grew Ingrid took on various roles growing her portfolio of skills to include not only the creative but also the more operations focused including Project Management and Business Finance.

Ingrid works with her team of hand picked creative collaborators on large scale projects, believing there is a better more cost effective way to market brands than what has been used in the past. Innovating the business of advertising and how budgets are spent in a creative and cost effective manor – while achieving the highest results, by only working with the best creatives gaining optimal results in a timely manor.

There have been seminal moments in the evolution of BigCityLife which have led Ingrid down interesting pathways. Hitting a following of 80,000+ fans on her platform and social media reach, and having a reach in 30 days of 2 million users gave her the credibility to acknowledge that she is fantastic at building communities. Her foray into the world of fashion photography culminating as a recent winner of an international fashion and beauty award for her work.