BigCityLife Online

The online design magazine,, is the heart of BigCityLife and Ingrid’s personal lovechild.  Seeking to recapture the sense of discovery that most of us lose when we grow up, Ingrid conceptualised and launched this popular aspect of the company. With a strong personal conviction that stories are what drive engagement Ingrid ensures that the editorial content is intelligent and provocative, as well as fun and accessible for all readers. She has clearly surpassed all expectations, running successful social media campaigns for the magazine and enjoying a following of more than 80,000 fans.

There have been seminal moments in the evolution of BigCityLife which have led Ingrid down interesting paths. Hitting a following of 80,000+ fans on her platform and social media reach, and having a reach in 30 days of over 2 million users gave her the confident to acknowledge that she is fantastic at building communities. Her foray into the world of fashion photography recently culminated in being a winner of an international fashion and beauty award.

Launched in 2006 by Ingrid, BCL is the definitive guide to good living in South Africa, and has the advantage of being an affordable channel for entrepreneurs and artisans to market their small and medium enterprises to an engaged and quantifiable audience. In addition BCL offers corporate advertisers a space to connect and talk to the people of South Africa in an honest, old fashioned way.

To date, BCL has over 80 000 loyal fans, subscribers and followers gained through successful social media and digital marketing campaigns. BigCityLife has a strong emphasis on amusing, fun and engaging content.

BCL has launched some amazing brands and exposed our dear readers to exciting décor and design ideas, as well as inspired them to follow their dreams, read that book, take that trip, or make the brave decision.

Working with brand promotion in this complicated world of advertising enables a new approach and demands a BOLD way of thinking when dealing with heartfelt story-telling and marketing.

The magazine publishes regular features on architecture, décor, style, travel, food and shopping, as well as interviews with South Africa’s design icons. We are committed to promoting local talent and providing a platform for young designers. We proudly showcase South African and pan-African design, from Cape to Cairo.

Earlier this year BCL celebrated a reach of  more than 2million people a month on our Facebook platform! In fact BCL reached 2,275,192 over the last 30 days, between March and April.