United Maverick VL2

Produced on behalf of an airline charter company (United Charter Services) and part of the overall brand development and management run by Ingrid and her team of hand picked, high-end creative collaborators.
 Maverick magazine is the lovechild of fashion, wit, lifestyle, intelligence and decadence.

The intent behind Maverick has always been to allude to a life best lived, while being entertaining and a little tongue in cheek. This has meant choreographing some of the most exciting existing, as well as up-and-coming names across the fashion, photography and writing worlds to produce a magazine of superlative depth and beauty.

Maverick is often referred to as ‘The Book’, because even though it is intended as a magazine, it is a 250+ page, glossy, hard cover production and supported by an industry leading marketing campaign.

The over-riding principles that govern every decision for the creative production of Maverick include quality, beauty and desirability. This extends not only to the clothing (exceptionally high-end, unique and fashion-forward) and models, but to the layout, paper (which can vary, even in one issue), the articles that are written and even the language used. For Maverick it is not enough to be beautiful, without wit, or sleek without forethought.

The magazine has to be all these things, and every single item that is included undergoes a rigorous interrogation of intent by the Maverick creative and editorial teams, headed by (respectively) Ingrid Irsigler and Philippa Rose-Tite.