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Why Choose Ingrid Alice Brand Management?

Ingrid Alice is a creative expert in branding, advertising, print, photography, video and social media services. With a portfolio spanning 20 years in the international design industry in conceptualising and implementing successful high-end campaigns across print and digital media.
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Meet Our Team

Ingrid focuses on building meaningful, relatable brand stories from the grassroots up. Along with her band of merry creatives, she implements these strategies across digital and print media.
Photographer & Designer

Brand Manager + Creative Director + Photographer

Indy rebel creative director and photographer, challenging conventional
thinking from Cape Town to NYC.
Ingrid Alice is a creative high end fashion, advertising & portrait
photographer who has her feet firmly on the ground and her aesthetic in
Wonderland. A true-to-life marketing leader, her approach to brand development
and image creation has been shaped by seventeen years in the international
creative and design industries. Her practice is grounded in engaging concept
generation, story driven design and bold advertising strategies.

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