Featured in The Phoblographer top 30 list of inspiring women photographers

So happy to be included in The Phoblographer top 30 list of inspiring women photographers.

I hope whatever the future holds – there are lots of pretty flowers, tall ladders and a few skyscrapers and of course a few fabulous late night fire cracklings stories and perhaps a Pegasus or and perhaps even a long forgotten ship.


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Thank you so much The Phoblographer for your continued support of my work. It is just simply surreal.

A huge debt of gratitude to my creative crew and tireless models who always bring their most positive hard working selves to all my projects, and my amazing clients – who give me the opportunity to continue to work in the craft I love so much.

More of my amazing creative family:
Philippa Tite from Purple Raindrop, Karin Orzil, Dannit Gorden, Sam Scarborough, Alex Sedona, Galina Trush, Qpix.

I use: Nikon & Profoto
I get all my gear from Outdoor Photo.