Promo Magazine Interview (NYC)

I am extremely humbled and excited to be able to share with you our interview, featured in the NYC fashion magazine Promo Magazine

I feel this is good sign that we are on the right path, and that this is a positive indication that we as South Africans are able to produce competitive, world quality work.

I am truly grateful that I get to collaborate and work with the best creatives! Shoot days are my favorite ever, the energy on our set is always extraordinary, just happy and positive and full of great vibes.

Looking forward to all our new adventures we have planned.

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The amazing creatives I work with..
Philippa Rose-Tite
Karin Orzol
Sam Scarborough Make-up
Danit Gordon Make Up
Nicola Luther
Qpix Design Studio
Galina Trush
Alex Sedova

Jes Forber & Jade Hill

My gear..
Nikon D810 & Profoto Profoto South Africa

All my gear comes from Outdoor Photo 


A HUGE thank you to Anna Pepper who managed to take my profile photo, an impossible task!

A huge thank you to The Phoblographer who found our work a year ago on Behance and since their initial interview has been instrumental getting our work our there to the world.